Textured silver earrings available for Christmas delivery

Textured silver earrings available for Christmas delivery

New textured silver earrings

All of these earrings have been added to my shop recently, but I thought it might be an idea to gather them all into this one post! All perfect for everyday use and also perfect Christmas presents…. just sayin’! 😉

Tangled danglers!

Ever since I made the double drop “tangled” earrings I’ve wanted to add one or two more designs in the same style. This one is a simple large drop made from the same trademark “tangled” silver, perfect for everyday, now available in my shop!

Sterling silver "tangle" earrings

Texture heaven!

Next up are these new textured drop earrings added to the Rugged collection! It’s the perfect everyday pair, easy to wear and go with everything. Plenty of character and although a pretty straight forward pair of drop earrings, these are certainly not boring or run of the mill, the organic textures make sure of that! These earrings are now available in my shop.

Textured silver drop earrings

Fixed hooks, perfect if you don’t like “danglies”

The third and final (for now!) pair of new earrings added to my Rugged collection, just in time for Christmas. More gorgeous textures, but these have fixed hooks which means they don’t swing as much, so if you aren’t keen on “danglies”, then these might be for you!

Textured silver drop earrings with fixed ear hooks

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