Rugged and sleek rings working together

Rugged and sleek working together

Rugged and sleek, of course it can work together!

I make lots of textured sterling silver jewellery, but also sleek brushed pieces. So, you might think these two styles would essentially be different enough not to work together. Not so! These images show that the two styles can work brilliantly together. The brushed finish is a common denominator here. The patinated, textured silver band has a brushed finish, just like the frosted silver of the multi pebble ring. The two rings above were ordered together by one of my lovely clients.

As you can see from the next photo that a handful of rings in these two styles work a treat! A pebble and a moonstone thrown in for good measure… The subtle and natural tones of the pebble, the gemstone and the gently brushed silver really work well together. This really pleases me as I love making both styles, and ideally want my clients to be able to wear them together if they so wish. What will you combine? 🙂 Do send me photos!

Textured and smooth rings working together

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