Diamonds and sapphires for stacking rings

Diamonds and sapphires available for stacking ring orders

Have a set of stacking rings made with these diamonds and sapphires

I have just taken delivery of some gorgeous so called salt and pepper diamonds and I thought they would look great combined with this silvery blue-grey sapphire and a little black diamond. All the stones are rose cuts and have loads of sparkle. This would make such a cool stack, I’m thinking similar to the one at the bottom of the photo. Great for a Christmas present or birthday gift! Also check out the Ethiopian opal and London blue Topaz combo I showed the other day.

If you fancy this or something similar, do get in touch! I have lots more stone options; e.g. blue, grey, pink and burgundy (a beautiful autumn coloured oval!) sapphires, aquamarines, tourmalines and opal, just to mention a few!

There are also some ready made stacking sets that you can see in my shop.

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