Yes, textured and smooth can work together!

Handmade rings in sterling silver, beach pebble and rainbow moonstone

Yes, textured and smooth finishes can work together!

My work is loosely divided into two styles; one heavily textured with a dark brushed back patina, set with gemstones; the other brushed bright matte in simple designs with understated stones and beach pebbles.

Sometimes these styles may seem totally different and contrasting, which I guess in a way they are. BUT, they actually can work together! They are both slightly rustic in style, with their brushed finish, although one is bright and smooth and the other textured and patinated. When selecting stones in neutral or natural colours that tone with the beach pebbles this commonality is even more obvious. The above image proves this and I’m really pleased that I took the photo, as it confirmed for me (and hopefully others!) that this is indeed true.

Another reason they work together is of course the fact that the Rugged Collection is inspired by the rock textures on my nearby beaches, and the pebbles in the Pebble Collection comes from those very same beaches. Nature is never wrong, combinations found in our surroundings, although sometimes unexpected, always work and seem perfectly natural.

So basically, you can combine them to your hearts content, even stack them up if you like! In fact, a curated collection of Pebble and Rugged pieces will be on display at the Crafted for Christmas exhibition at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester later this year. Watch this space, there will be a blog post just about that!

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