Beach pebble ring commission

Beach pebble commission

A beach pebble ring at long last!

Jacqui contacted me a long while ago, and wanted me to make her a beach pebble ring using one of her own stones. I explained to her what kind of pebble is most suited to making a ring with, and she set to work to find one. It took a fair while before we managed to find a beautiful stone that she loved and that was suitable. We had a “rugby ball” shaped stone, that wouldn’t be easy to set into ring, and would stand too proud, to be practical and comfortable. The best stones for rings are quite flat and even in their shape all around the stone. I can shape stones for some extent but it’s always easier if the pebble is as good as possible from the start. Eventually she sent me a little selection of suitable ones and left it to me to choose which one was going to become a ring. The second in from the right, in the picture below, was the chosen one!

The making of the ring

The main challenge with a beach pebble ring is making sure the stone is of a shape that is suitable to set into a flat back bezel setting, as that is the kind of ring we wanted here. I can shape the stone a little, e.g. this one I flattened on the back side, so that it would make it easier to set and stop it rocking in its setting once finished. Pebbles are of course by nature rounded and so this can be particularly challenging, but flattening the back helps. Then it’s pretty straight forward, like any ring, I make the band, the setting, solder the two together and then it’s time to set the stone. This is my nifty tool for holding a ring such as this, while setting the stone. It allows me to have both hands free as I don’t need to hold the ring in a handheld holder, but can use both to push the silver over and turn the ring as I go.

The making of a beach pebble and silver ringa

The finished beach pebble ring

And here it is! Finally, Jacqui has a beautiful ring with a pebble from a beach with special meaning to her. It’s so lovely to be able to help with something like this!

Beach pebble ring in sterling silver
Frosted silver and beach pebble ring on hand

A happy customer

The best bit about a commission is when you get feedback from the client! Jacqui had waited long for this ring and was delighted with it when it finally got to her:

“Thank you so much for my ring!!! It fits perfectly […] have worn it ALL day ! I LOVE IT ?”

Get your own!

How lovely is that? Do you fancy a pebble ring of your own? I can either make you one with a pebble that I’ve picked on my local beaches here in north Cornwall, or we can select a pebble that is special to you. Perhaps you have a favourite beach, or a beach that carries a special memory for you, be it in Cornwall or somewhere else? Do get in touch to chat about it!

Beach pebble and brushed sterling silver ring

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