Preview of Rugged silver and gemstone earrings

New Rugged silver and gemstone earrings ready for show

Silver and gemstone earrings ready for show

7 pairs of new gorgeous one of a kind earrings, ready to go; they just need ear wires added! Hopefully some of these will make their way to new homes at this weekend’s Breeze Art & Makers Fair, Penzance. I will be there Friday to Sunday along with over 80 other designer/makers, so do check in, if you’re in the area.

We have glorious gemstones here; labradorite, tanzanite, peridot, sapphire and kyanite, some beautiful colours. Combined with the trademark textured and patinated silver of my Rugged collection. You can check out the collection as a whole, or sign up to my mailing list (below) to be the first to know when these earrings hit my shop!

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