I love ferns! And a tourmaline ring…

Green tourmaline ring with textured silver, on ferns

Luscious ferns and a tourmaline ring!

We have the most amazing herringbone stone wall in the back garden of our old Cornish cottage. In the winter time you can really see the skill of those who laid that wall in the first place, it’s beautifully done. I must remember to take a photo of it in the winter and show you! In the summer, however, it’s completely covered in greenery, and one of my favourite plants ever – ferns! I just happened to be wearing a ring that was made for photographing against those fresh green ferns… 😉 

This glossy green tourmaline ring that also features a little vibrant blue topaz, is part of my Rugged collection. This ring is a one off, so only one available. If you want to commission something similar do contact me for a chat.

The wall itself is covered in this thick mat of tiny little green leaves. I don’t actually know what it is, perhaps you do?

Green tourmaline and textured silver ring, one of a kind

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