Fabulous stones for upcoming collection

included quartz stones for new jewellery collection

Upcoming Collection

Behind the scenes I’m working on a new collection! Hoping to launch in September this year, it’s centered around stunning varieties of included quartz. It’s basically various impurities embedded into clear quartz, that make up stunning and unusual patterns inside the stone. These beautiful stones will be joined by sleek and simple silver shapes, to frame and complement, without detracting from the beauty of the stones. Very Scandi in style, which is a change from my Rugged collection, with its trademark textured and rugged silver and colourful gemstones.

Dendritic Quartz

The first type here is dendritic quartz, with its fern like inclusions. They’re stunning, are they not?

dendritic quartz with fernlike inclusions

Pyrite and iron in quartz

Second up is pyrite and iron in quartz, which is basically small fragments of pyrite inside the quartz. We’ve got golden inclusions, red and black ones and of course the beautiful pyrite colour.

pyrite in quartz stones

Tourmalinated Quartz

Last but by no means least, we have the tourmalinated quartzes. These stunners have needles of black tourmaline inside the quartz which gives these very sharp and graphic patterns. Will look very good with brushed silver and the odd black line…

These are some of the stones that will make their way into the new collection and I will tell you a bit more about them later on. If you want to stay in touch and find out when this collection launches, plus much more, then sign up below.

tourmalinated quartz stones to be made into jewellery

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