Diamond stacking rings with sapphire

diamond stacking rings with sapphire

Diamond stacking rings on the bench

These sapphire and diamond stacking rings were on the bench yesterday. The stones are not yet set in the first photo, but the rings are now finished! 

It was a special commission with two rustic rose cut diamonds in black and grey, plus a taupe/grey sapphire. The stones were simply mounted on contemporary round ring bands. Notice how well the stones tone with my leopard patterned PJs!

stack of rings with grey and black diamond and sapphire

The raw materials

I chose an elegant taupe/grey coloured sapphire for the main stone, and two gorgeous sparkly rose cut diamonds for the other two rings. These diamonds are opaque, so called rustic diamonds, in black and grey. They were all set in sterling silver on simple round bands. The silver has a matte brushed finish, which contrasts so beautifully with the sparkly stones! Here I have made the settings for the stones.

making a stacking ring with diamonds

The finished diamond stacking rings

Finally, here’s the finished article, one set of diamond stacking rings with sapphire, ready for a new home. First as worn by me, excuse the old looking hands! Secondly taken on one of my gift boxes. They also just happens to tone beautifully with the stones in this fabulous ring stack!

diamond and sapphire ring set

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diamond and sapphire ring set

I can make you something similar

If you like the look of these stacking rings and would like to have some of your own, check out the Simplicity collection for more similar rings. Or, if you want something special made for you, with your chosen stones, just contact me and I will be very happy to help!

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