New beautiful wooden ring boxes

New handmade wooden ring boxes

I recently delivered a commission of a set of interlocking engagement/wedding rings. Since they were made for two lovely men, I wanted something a little more masculine than my normal boxes. I looked around and found this amazing guy called Andrew, up in Yorkshire (he actually lives in the same town as my husbands parents!), who makes the most gorgeous wooden ring boxes. It was a “no brainer” really, they just totally fit the bill for these rings, but also for the Rugged collection as a whole. Slightly rugged yet refined, just perfect!

So, I went ahead and ordered some of Andrew’s boxes and I was absolutely delighted when they arrived!

New handmade wooden ring boxes

Aren’t they just fabulous?! They were made according my wishes, and to fit the rings, with the help of Andrew’s experience. He used reclaimed oak and two different approaches, one where he used a knotty piece and one where he used a decorative end grain. You can see them both in the pictures. As you can see they fit the interlocking rings perfectly and just really sets them off. I also like that they are not exactly the same, it adds even more personality and is more special that way.

New handmade wooden ring boxes
New handmade wooden ring boxes

I was delighted with the response I had from Jon, when I delivered the commissioned rings. He loved the boxes – and the rings! So, from now on I shall be delivering commissions like this one in these kinds of boxes, as I think it’s really lovely to be able to present my handmade jewellery in quality wooden boxes handmade in the UK. The extra bonus is of course that I get to support another small independent business, like my own.

If you have an idea for a piece of jewellery you would like me to make for you, get in touch and I would love to help. We may even end up presenting it in one of these beautiful boxes!

Andrew sells his boxes via Etsy, go check him out!


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