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On the cover of Livingetc, my agate earrings

It’s no secret that I love Swedish or Scandinavian design and of course that also goes for interiors! Serene and understated, functional and comfortable, beautifully stylish (sigh…) interiors filled with gorgeous Scandi design furniture, art  and soft furnishings… My dream home is filled with these spaces and I just float through life in a glowy bliss!… Well, although I do have quite a few things that I have either inherited or been given and brought over from Sweden, or bought myself over the years, the reality is not quite like that. With two young children my home is never a tidy bliss, but a tangled mess of plastic toys and clothes strewn everywhere. And somehow this mess spreads across the house like a fast growing fungus! But I can dream, right?!

Of course, the Scandi style also inspires me in lots of other ways, and without a doubt also in the jewellery I design and make. Last year saw me working towards and releasing the Rugged collection that was very much inspired by my surroundings here on the north Cornish coast. So this year, I have decided it’s time for a truly Scandinavian inspired collection!

I’ve been subscribing to the interiors magazine Livingetc for more than 15 years and even though I sometimes don’t have the time to read it, I can’t bring myself to cancel my subscription! When the March issue hit my doorstep yesterday, the cover caught my eye from the off; sometimes things just click! It instantly made me think of a new pair of earrings I had finished just that morning! The neutral colours and the natural, understated elegance and simple forms of these new earrings just seemed to “fit” with this Scandi style cover, and the “Scandi with attitude” feature inside the magazine is right up my street as well.

Scandi feature Living Etc and my agate earrings


Here are a few more pics of the earrings. These beautiful River Agates with their unique patterns are just gorgeous! Framed in brushed silver and set with prong settings, these are a bit of a new thing for me. There will be lots more of these stunning stones to come in the new collection, so watch out for when it eventually launches later this year! 

Scandi style prong set River Agate earrings
Scandi style prong set River Agate earrings
Scandi style prong set River Agate earrings

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