Sapphires, pebbles and simplicity, Part I

Grey sapphire and silver pebbles ring

I’m a huge fan of simplicity and love understated and elegant jewellery. I’m guessing it comes from my Swedish heritage; Scandinavian design is well known for its effortless and funtional, yet elegant designs. It’s also a welcome contrast to all the work I have been doing on my new Rugged collection, which was all about raw and rugged textures, dark patina and vibrant, colourful gemstones. One of my recent “straplines” has been “Scandi meets Cornish” and this is one example; simple Scandi style with Cornish pebbles and silver pebbles. A touch of luxury in the form of sapphires and pearls.

I recently bought some “pebble coloured” sapphires (quickly becoming one of my very favourite stones!) and they inspired me to team them up with real beach pebbles and silver pebbles. The beach pebbles are of course from my local beaches and the silver pebbles I make myself, by handcasting them into a charcoal block. Every one turns out that little bit different and I think I’m a little bit addicted to making them now! A few of the pieces also seemed perfect to add freshwater pearls to, totally on theme with the pebbles and coastal theme. Some white and a bit of mauve made their way into this little mini collection.

To tie it all together I finished all the pieces with a bright, brushed matte finish, which looks buttery soft and luscious against the faceted sapphires, pearls and beach pebbles. I love this finish, it’s such a gorgeous and relaxed look. You probably know by now that I’m not a blingy person, so the brushed style is much more my cup of tea than highly polished silver.

With the muted greys and neutrals of these rings and pendants, they are of course really easy to wear and especially so this season. With lots of greys, burgundy and other autumnal colours these pieces fit right in and can really lift your outfits in a subtle and luxurious way.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s see some jewellery! I though we’d start with the rings and the pendants will get their own blog post shortly. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

This beauty has a dark grey sapphire flanked by handcast silver pebbles on a simple band.

Next is a beach pebble ring, the pebble being joined by a little handcast silver pebble on a simple band.

Next, a luxe set of two rings with gorgeous taupe coloured sapphire and a little silver pebble on a lightly hammered band.

And the next one; a lovely “crossover”, open band ring with a luscioius brown sapphire and gleaming white pearl.

Stacking rings are always popular and this grey sapphire, mauve pearl and silver pebble stack is sure to be as well!

And last but certainly not least, is this awesome dark grey sapphire and silver pebble ring, one of my favourites in this little mini collection of rings.

That’s it for now! Of course, if you’ve just seen something you really like but it might not be your size or you would like a different combo; I can always make similar rings to these, so if you want anything in particular making, just contact me and we’ll sort it out.

Now go check out the pendants to match these fabulous ring.

See you next time!

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