March Meet The Maker!

March Meet the Maker topics

Yesterday I joined in the 31 day Instagram Challenge called “March Meet The Maker“. This is a challenge that runs every year in March (!) and this year I decided to take up the challenge hoping to share a bit more about me, my biz and what makes me tick, get to know my customers better and make a few new friends along the way!

It’s an initiative by the talented designer and illustrator Joanne Hawker, started in 2016. In its first year it attracted 25,000 posts and another 80,000 posts in 2017! According to Joanne, it’s more than just a challenge, it’s:

“a creative community that comes together to show people what they can do. It’s about building each other up, making new connections, telling your small business story, growing your confidence (and Instagram following) and most importantly, it’s about putting yourself out there”

What a great idea! All the makers that take part follow a schedule with prompts/topics for each day, to post about them, their business and anything to do with their making and creative skills. The image below shows the topics that will be talked about, and every post is tagged #MarchMeetTheMaker so you can easily search for the posts and discover new talent and connect with those you already know.

March Meet the Maker topics

A lot of makers are quite shy and don’t usually put themselves out there in the limelight, but this challenge gives them “permission” to do so without feeling too exposed. It’s safety in numbers! So, come along and follow this awesome challenge with me on Instagram!

Camali Design Jewellery on Instagram


If you are a maker and fancy doing the same go to the “March Meet The Maker” web site to find out about the challenge and how to take part. Also, check out  @Joannehawker on Instagram, the lady who started this movement.

Maybe see you there!


NOTE: Since this post went live, I have written a new series about this challenge, listing out the content posted for each day, see part I, part II and part III for more in depth information.

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