Black Diamond ring – Camali Design featured in Cornwall Living

Diamond ring featured in Cornwall Living

I just wanted to share a quick bit of news with you! Being an almost exclusively online business these days, I don’t normally advertise in print. However, I decided to put an advert in the January issue of Cornwall Living, which you can see below. I went with some of my signature pebble pieces and also a few more luxurious pieces such as the grey sapphire and gold dot stacking ring set, a nest necklace and the black diamond ring. I was pretty happy with the advert, if I may say so myself!

Camali Design adverts in Cornwall the Living January 2017 issue.

But guess what?! The exciting bit was that they also included one of my rings in this editorial feature! Featured below on the right is the black rose cut diamond and granule silver ring, which was also in the advert. How lovely to get a bit of a mention in this shopping guide. I’m hoping the exposure will be good for me, we will see!

Diamond ring featured in Cornwall Living

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